Recruiting for high-level executive positions requires a more in-depth recruitment technique. High-level executives know what they deserve and know they are in demand. They aren’t actively looking for a job, so it’s important to know where to look to find the best talent. But finding the best candidates takes time. So let Agenda do the work for you. We have the experience and knowledge to find the best candidates in the industry. We have a rigorous screening process so that we only provide you with professionals who are exceptionally skilled, have an outstanding track record and will fit perfectly in to your company.


In order to get the best candidates we need to understand your business, your values and vision and what you are looking for in your new employee. This will not only help us to find the most suitable candidates for you but also allow us to brief the candidates so that they fully understand the job on offer.


We draw upon an array of search strategies to ensure we cover the whole of the active and non-active market and target the right individuals to match your requirements. This includes searching our database of over 30,000 candidates, creating an online marketing campaign, and headhunting relevant candidates.


We do an in-depth evaluation of all potential candidates, which consists of multiple interviews and performance assessments to gauge their suitability to the role and their compatibility with your company. After this process, a shortlist of candidates will be created, and only those candidates who we truly believe are suitable for the position will be sent over to you for your consideration.


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