Other tailor-made services we can offer you are:


40/45% of the workforce comprises of passive job seekers. We can conduct a headhunting exercise to capture the passive seeking candidates. We take control of as aspects of this such as:


  • Mapping out Talent (competitors, desired agency professionals etc)
  • Name Gathering
  • Ensuring confidentiality is adhered to, if anything to create and air of exclusivity on the role
  • Identifying candidate motivators
  • Call and subsequent conversation
  • Selling benefits to the candidate
  • Pitch
  • Objection/concern handling
  • Managing the process
  • Managing resignation/counter offer


On‐line marketing:

In the last 7 years our marketplace has seen unprecedented growth in both client and candidate demand for online recruitment services. With 89% of hiring Managers using online channels as part of their recruitment strategy and 13.5 million online job seekers in the UK, the medium of online recruitment advertising services is now an essential part of any solution we offer.


Candidate interviewing:

We offer a wide range of interview techniques to suit the specific vacancy you are trying to fill. These include:

  • Telephone interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Competency based interviews
  • Personality profiling

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