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The General Practice Awards 2013


The General Practice awards 2013

On the 27th November 2013, the Agenda medical team attended the General Practice awards 2013, the General Practice Awards are designed to recognise, highlight, and reward the hard work and innovation that gets carried out every day in surgeries up and down the UK, Team projects or individual achievements all carried out in order to serve the best possible care to patients.We were delighted to be nominated as finalists in the "staffing agency of the year" category. The ceremony was held at the Lancaster hotel in London, we are very proud that the medical team were finalists at the award and we thank them for all their hard work, a fantastic evening was had by all.

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From left to right,

Sean Burch -  Medical Team Leader
Lewis Thomson - Principal Consultant
James Burgess - Senior Principal Consultant
Joe Collins - Senior Principal Consultant
Pete Cousins - Principal Consultant

IMG 0631


Angela Wilcox - Compliance & Database manager
Kate Devlin - Agenda Digital & Creative team Manager

(Below) Clockwise: Sean Burch, Joe Collins, Lewis Thomson, Scott Moy (MD), Angela Wilcox,
Jan Frost, Greg Moy (SD), Kate Devlin, James Burgess.



Advice for Practices on employers pension contributions

From 1 April 2013, GP practices will take over responsibility for funding employer’s pension contributions for the locums they use which have until now been paid by Primary Care Organisations (PCO).

On top of any locum fees, practices are required to pay the 14% employer’s pension contribution for the period paid for by the practice when the locum GP is contributing to the NHS pension scheme.

Although practice funding is being increased as a result of these changes, the actual employer contribution will be paid through the locum. Locums themselves will be responsible for making the payments to the Area Team at the same time as they pay their employee contributions. The Department of Health has stated that it expects locums to increase their fees as a result.  

This applies to any contracts already agreed with locums for work from April onwards; the locum will add the 14% to any previously agreed charges on their invoice. Legally, the practice is liable to pay the 14%, not the individual partner requiring locum cover. The Pensions Agency has said that they will report any practices refusing to pay the 14% contribution to the Pensions Regulator. Failure to pay could result in legal action.

Please note that the employer’s pension contribution is based on the locum’s pensionable income only, which is 90% of their total fee. The remaining 10% is regarded as covering expenses. Once they have been paid by a practice, the locum must then make the payment to the NHS Commissioning Board; they cannot keep the fee.

Locum GPs who are not part of the NHS pension scheme will not receive the employer’s contributions. The change does not affect locum GPs who work through locum agencies that are not recognised NHS employing authorities and who therefore cannot pension their income. Similarly, individual locums trading as limited companies cannot pension their income.

The change to employer’s pension contributions will not affect the current arrangements for longer term locums. After 6 months of continuous work with a practice, the locum is regarded as a Type 2 Practitioner for the purposes of the pension scheme. The practice then administers and pays their pension contributions as they would for a salaried GP. Locum forms A and B cannot be used in this situation.

GP Vacancy Rates Doubling in Just Two Years

The NHS is facing a “workforce crisis”, with GP vacancy rates doubling at the very least in just two years, doctors are warning.

Large numbers of senior doctors are retiring early while surgeries are finding it hard to tempt medicine graduates to be family doctors, they say.

The result is a looming crisis at a time Britain needs more GPs than ever to care for its ageing population.

Pulse magazine found the GP vacancy rate had risen from 4.2 per cent in 2011 to 7.9 per cent this January. The official GP vacancy rate was 2.1 per cent at the start of 2011.

In addition, GP surgeries are spending almost 20 per cent more on locums than two years ago because they cannot fill their posts with permanent staff.



Tenders for APMS services in Bedfordshire

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom
OJEU Ref: (13/S 40-64378/EN)
Nature of contract: Service contract
Procedure: Restricted procedure
Regulation of procurement: EU - with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: Most economic bid
Type of bid required: Mixed global and partial bid
Contract notice
Directive 2004/18/EC


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